Readers’ Forum
         Date: 16-Jan-2019
Ignoring People’s Demand!
Apropos (Supreme Court is Guilty of Avoiding its Responsibility) Organiser, January 13, 2019 the interview of VHP working president Shri Alok Kumar is hard-hitting. I can’t understand how the nation’s apex court opens proceedings in the middle of the night to pass verdict on trivial cases, but drag its feet endlessly over one of the most pressing issues—the Ram Janmabhoomi, which has been in legal battle for about 68 years! It seems, the court is not willing to ‘listen to the people’s will’.
Narendra Kumar, Jalandhar

Excavating Christian History!
Apropos (Marxist-Christian Nexus Exposed in Pattanam Excavation) Organiser, January 13, 2019, the Christian NGOs are going to extraordinary lengths to establish their Christian Caliphate in South India. The latest attempt of Pattanam excavations is only one such brazen attempt. Many more surreptitious attempts are made in India. For instance, illegal occupation of hill tops in the vicinity of ancient Hindu temples, the St Thome Church in Chennai, foreign-funded Christian activists protesting against Hindu religious ceremonies in Brigadeeshwar Temple in Tanjore are blatant attempts to balakanise India along communal, religious fault lines. Organiser should expose these foreign-sponsored NGOs and their nefarious anti-Hindu activities in Bharat.
Prashant Chauhan, Dehradun
Incorrigible RaGa
The attitude and disposition of Congress chief Shri Rahul Gandhi (RaGa) is irremediable. Despite that he is dreaming to be the Prime Minister. The discourteous language used by him against Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in respect of Rafale aircraft deal, despite clean chit given to the NDA Government by Supreme Court of India, demonstrates his immaturity. He is not ready to cease his ‘bakwas’ against the Prime Minister.
Sridhar V Kulkarni, Kalyan
Dirty Game by Congress
Apropos Atal ji was correct. Congress is responsible for making Bhindrawala a hero. The late Sanjay Gandhi, the younger son of Indira Gandhi, and Giani Zail Singh were responsible for this. I was in India at that time and I saw all this with my eyes. Congress brought forward Bhindrawala, an unknown preacher, to put down the Akalis. Indira and Bhindrawala addressed a joint election rally in Gurdaspur. Bhindrawala was arrested in a murder case but Giani Zail Singh got him released. Had Congress not played this dirty game, there would have been no Blue Star and the anti-Sikh riots in 1984.
Stinder Kaur, Australia
Name matters
IT refers to the central government giving nod to UP governments decision of renaming Allahabad as Prayagraj. Names of Bombay High Court and Madras High Court still remain the same despite renaming of respective cities as Mumbai and Chennai long back. There has been gradual change in names or spellings of cities with the process still incomplete. Distorted spellings of Jullender and Simla by the British rulers as Jalandhar and Shimla have been rectified. But spellings of cities like Delhi and Bareilly, as per actual pronunciation, are still to be modified. Delhi is distorted version of ‘Dehli’ meaning entrance. Lucknow should be renamed as Lakshmanpur as the city was established by Lakshaman, the younger brother of Shri Ram. The Union Government should also adopt single name ‘Bharat’ for the country abolishing the British given name as India. Sri Lanka and Myanmar have already done away with such British legacy
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Burial of the Time Capsule
Time-capsule carrying a laptop, a smartphone, a drone, VR glasses and some other items of present era buried on the campus of Lovely Professional University in Phagwara during 106th Indian Science Congress to be opened after 100 years, reminds of a time-capsule containing too many items and a history-sheet buried deep inside the ground by the then central government headed by Smt Indira Gandhi in Emergency-era of 1975-77 with totally distorted historical facts in front of the Red Fort in Delhi. However, the Janata Party Government put that time-capsule out. The present government should think about some similar time-capsule to be put deep inside the earth with items and historical facts at some prominent place in Delhi.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi