Readers’ Forum
         Date: 22-Jan-2019
Reservation to Upper Castes
Apropos (Reservation for Furthering the Fraternity), Organiser, January 20, 2019 the editorial perfectly argues that the new amendment in reservation policy has opened up the possibility of debate on taking the policy of reservation to the needy and deserving sections within the SCs, STs and OBCs who are still deprived of this opportunity. Showing sincerity towards providing opportunities to the economically weaker sections, we can ensure equality of opportunities.
Giriraj Singh, Indore

Collective Pilgrimage
Apropos (From Allahabad to Prayagraj), Organiser, January 20, 2019, the Kumbh is the crown jewel of the Hindu experience, of being in harmony with the entire universe within and around us. Such a collective pilgrimage of entering into the sacred waters of the universe reflects our highest aspiration to be one with the infinite and eternal. The Kumbh 2019 can usher in a new era not only of technological marvels but also of inner renewal and boundless yogic vision.
Dr Sanjay Kumar, Moradabad
Where is the born-again Shiv Bakht?
Apropos (Why Babur’s Tomb Beckons Gandhi Scions) Organiser, January 20, 2019, the scions of Gandhi dynasty have been beating a retreat to the damned tomb of Babur, the butcher who boasted of killing all kafirs from Bharat, since Indira Gandhi in 1959. But the pseudo-intellectuals and fake secularists have nothing to say about the dynasty, while they along with the presstitues raise a hue and cry when a minority Muslim has all the liberty in the world to indulge in his favourite pastimes like killing infidels, Hindu-bashing, beef-briyani, love jihad, et al. Where was the newly-minted janeu dhari Shiv Bakht Rahul when Hindus in Bharat can’t even open their mouth at the Muslim intolerance? Who stopped you from paying a little respect to the nearby grave of King Prithviraj Chauhan, just few metres away? Busy wooing the Hindu vote banks, of late?
G. Prabhunath, Palakkad
Fix time limit for reserved verdicts
IT is quite often that judgements by benches at Supreme Court are kept reserved for several months. System should be that various benches of SC may compulsorily announce judgements in a time-bound period or before retirement of any bench-member having heard the case. At times, such delayed judgements result in costly and time-consuming re-hearings in case any of the bench-member retires from the post. Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Defence Scan
Apropos (Acquisition of Bulletproof Jackets for Soldiers) Organiser, January 20, 2019, it was heartening to read the news item. While the previous government was busy minting scam after scams, it did precious little to look into the problems of the soldiers who faced relentless enemy fire from across the border. The present government is deeply committed to safeguarding the lives of much-neglected guardians of our beloved land. Thanks a lot for a comprehensive round-up of news in Defence Scan by Air Marshal PK Roy for news related to the country’s latest development in Defence and Security.
Rajesh Kumar, New Delhi
Sane Voice of an Islamic Scholar!
Apropos (Muslims are only Unsafe in Nations where Muslims are in the Majority), Organiser, January 20, 2019, what a courageous person this Rizwan Ahmed is! Loved reading his bold and candid interview. We desperately need sane and right-thinking Muslim individuals like Syed Rizwan Ahmed, whose balanced views offer some hope for us who yearn for peace, harmony with our brethren, while pseudo-sickulars are in bed Muslim Ummah and Arab ideology. Yes, as one commentator put it, “He is a Bharatiya in true sense”.
Yakesh Kumar, Bengaluru
NCW notice to Rahul
National Commission for Women (NCW) rightly sent notice to Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his insensitive remarks against Union Defence Minister Smt Nirmala Sitharaman. The Minister is duty bound to put before Parliament the stand of government on matters relating to her Ministry. Unfortunately, childish remarks are coming from a person whom his party-men dream for being next Prime Minister. It is noteworthy that not even a single person from his party came forward either to support or oppose him over such remarks.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi