Readers’ Forum
         Date: 30-Jan-2019
Felicitation of the Unsung Heroes
Apropos (Recognising the Gandhian Legacy) Organiser, January 27, 2019 the Gandhi Peace Prize has been awarded to the unsung heroes of the country who are silently working in the fields of education, poverty alleviation and social upliftment of poor and downtrodden. It is heartening to see Vivekananda Kendra being recognised for working tirelessly to bring succor to the people in the remote parts of North Eastern states. Clearly, as a friend of mine put it succinctly, Gandhiji lives on in the unsung heroes of Modern India.
Pankaj Chaube, Delhi
Seditious Hypocrisy
apropos (Seditious Hypocrisy) Organiser, January 27, 2019 the editorial on Seditious Hypocrisy on a band of anti-social elements hell bent on harming the peace and harmony of the country. If it is just hypocrisy, I am ‘ok’ with it, as part of a flaw in human psychology. But if this were to be ‘seditious’ then I do have a mighty problem with it. Anything even remotely seditious is reprehensible and should be dealt with iron fist. And JNU, of late, has become a breeding ground for this kind of pseudo-sicklular leftists students with an agenda to ‘wreak havoc’ on the nation. It is time to reject them outright and show them the door. Otherwise, Mother India will never forgive us.
Niranjandev, Shimla
Goddamn water war!
Apropos (The Future War) Organiser, January 27, 2019, even as we have to contend with the larger implications of Indus Water Treaty vis-à-vis Pakistan, we even have to face greater political and environmental threats from across the Himalayas—from China’s overweening ambition which, I was shocked to read, adversely impacts the earth’s motion, as it goes on a spree of building dams on its rivers. Even the US pales in the face of China’s relentless pursuit of harnessing water for its teeming millions, while Bharat is deeply mired in its own political problems. I shudder to think that the next world war will be fought over water in Asian sub-continent. God help the nation!
Vishwash Pandey, Indore
Not the case for gender inequality
Apropos CPM’s Attacking Spree Continues, Organiser January 20, 2018, the Kerala government’s rash and hasty steps to implement Supreme Court order regarding entry of women between the age 10 to 50 years at Sabarimala has created tension and controversies, especially because of the way in which the left government has dealt the issue without any thinking and in a 'come what may attitude' rather than trying to implement the order after careful study, consideration, scrutiny and by consulting the genuine stakeholders and devotees. The list submitted by the state government in Supreme Court claiming that 51 women aged less than 50 had entered the sanctum sanctorum triggered a controversy as lot of discrepancies were found in the list. The list was submitted in haste to prove that the court’s verdict had been implemented but the flaws and anomalies exposes the intention. The govt. sponsored activities only served to rub salt in the wounds of devotees as they found these deeds an insult to their faith. Sabarimala issue is truly not a case of gender inequality or an issue of superstitious practice to be discarded as is highlighted by those who support women entry. It is in fact a sort of an agenda by some self-styled reformists, atheists and activists who using the SC's verdict as a shield are hell bent to demolish age old harmless traditions and practices.
M. Pradyu, Kannur
Where are Muslims Unsafe?
Apropos (Muslims are only unsafe in nations where Muslims are in the Majority), Organiser, January 20, 2019, the interview of Rizwan Ahmed is quite interesting. Rizwan is an exception, with no followers, and is considered a kafir by the Muslims. In my opinion, there is no solution, except complete exchange of population as advised Dr BR Ambedkar in his book, ‘Pakistan or the Partition of India’. He discussed Hindu-Muslim problem from various angles, and repeatedly suggested that it was in the interest of Hindus to accept creation of Pakistan with complete exchange of population. Sadly, no other Hindu leader had that foresightedness.
Anand Prakash, Panchkula