Readers’ Forum
         Date: 06-Feb-2019
Declining Temple Traditions
Apropos (Revitalising the Republic), Organiser, February 3, 2019, I was delighted to read the editorial in the Republic Day special. The title “Republic of Temples” on off-the-beat cover is what triggered my curiosity to go through the magazine. In fact, I ended up reading the magazine from Cover to Cover. It is good to put the ancient temples on cover and highlighting the decline and sorry state of affairs and the decline of our many temple traditions. It is high time that the governments should also do something to restore glory of the temples.
Natesa Mudaliar, Chennai
The Sabarimala Shrine episode and the foreign funded forces inimical to the essence of Hindus are on mission to erase the ancient traditions of our temples and cultural legacy. They are aided and abetted by a woefully myopic Judiciary with their twisted idea of justice interfering with the age old temple traditions. The problem is who is going to judge the judge — legal experts or the people!
Rajesh Ramchandran, Madurai
Courts have no business whatsoever to ‘poke their nose’ into divinity. Can the honourable judges have guts or wherewithal to dare interfere with church or a madrasa – the terror factories — that spawn off thousands child jihadis to kill kafirs? Why only pick up the Hindus and their ancient traditions, in the garb of secularism? I leave that to the honourable judiciary to answer.
Rajiv Kumar, Chandigarh
Honouring Congress Leaders
The Congress always ignored to honour its top leaders who were considered as challenger to the dynastic rule of Nehru-Gandhi family. Not only Patel and Subhash Bose, disrespect was shown to senior leaders like PV Narsimharao whose dead body was not allowed in Congress headquarters after his death. Now the BJP government at the Centre has given due honour to Sardar Patel and Pranab Mukerjee by conferring them Bharat Ratna. TMC rightly observed that Congress party never made Pranab Da either party-president or Prime Minister, the posts he deserved the most for saving Congress from continuous downfall. The first family of Congress always wanted either member of the family or a dummy person to be posted on top posts.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Preserve all Ancient Places in Ayodhya
Apropos (Revisiting the Complete Ayodhya), Organiser, February 3, 2019, the story on 84 Kosi Parikrama of Ayodhya is very enlightening. All ancient places in Ayodhya whether on the route of 84 Kosi Parikrama or anywhere should be preserved with care and their sanctity should be restored.
Shivnarayan Shukla, Kanpur
Learn from China & Myanmar
Apropos (A Counter Narrative) Organiser, January 27, 2019, the writer forgot to mention the negative role of Gandhi, Nehru and Congress, who gave birth to all problems in J&K. We should learn from China and Myanmar which have solved Muslim problem squarely. Hindu majority district of Tharparkar in Sind was freed by our forces, but Lal Bahadur Shastri returned it to Pakistan. Buddhist Chakma region of Chittagon Hill Tract was freed by our forces, but Indira Gandhi gave it back to Bangladesh. Now these places are permanently with Pakistan and Bangladesh, and these Muslim nations are least bothered about the fate of Hindus and Buddhists. Why we in truncated Bharat are so much worried about Muslims in Kashmir and rest of the country?
Anand Prakash, Panchkula
Follow Nanaji in Practice
Shri Nanaji Deshmukh, who devoted the last part of his life to service of the people in remote areas, surely deserves greatest national honour. He declined the post of Union Minister in Morarji Desai government after Emergency of 1975-77 only on the ground that he advocated the principle to stay away from politics after the age of 60. But now politicians even at the age of eighties or nineties cling to legislative posts with some ones dreaming to be Prime Minister even at such high age.
Madhu Agrawal, Delhi